Afternoons with Mk

Afternoons with Mk

MaryKate “MK” Burnell’s musical preferences, personality and career path can all be reasonably summarized with the word “eclectic.” The daughter of two parents from the broadcasting industry, MK has dabbled in everything from theater to International Relations (in which she *almost* has a degree from SUNY New Paltz). She’s equally at home crooning out a torch song perched atop a grand piano, or working a crowded dive bar into a frenzy as MK ULTRA, the psychedelic ringleader of original jam/funk band Locofreeq.

Her love of variety and ease in front of a microphone make MK a natural fit for Radio Woodstock, where she can happily spin her favorite cuts from the 70s alongside the freshest emerging indie artists.

Gemini, natch.

Should you encounter MK in the wild, she’ll be happy to show you pictures of her dog.

Hobbies: oh yeah I should get one of those.