Widespread Panic’s JoJo Hermann Shares ‘Almost Infinite’ Single

Widespread Panic’s JoJo Hermann Shares ‘Almost Infinite’ Single

Widespread Panic keyboardist JoJo Hermann unveiled a studio version of new single “Almost Infinite.” The sprawing six-minute instrumental features Jojo solo on piano.

“Almost Infinite” was debuted by Hermann during the first installment of his Shut Up And Play livestream series on June 18, 2020. “I wrote a new one — I’m really into space shows and the universe, wormholes and stuff like that,” Jojo explained before performing the song. “I love that movie Contact where Jodie Foster goes through this wormhole and then she comes out in the Garden Of Eden and there’s this handsome, strong, loveable yet sensitive dad and there’s Jodie Foster meeting the dad she never had and all that stuff.”

“I wrote this song, there’s a guy named Sean Carroll, he’s a writer, he talked about the Big Bang and he said, ‘the almost infinite point,’” added the keyboardist. “‘Almost Infinite,’ I really like that and it kind of stuck with me. So I wrote a song called ‘Almost Infinite.’”

Stream JoJo Hermann’s “Almost Infinite” below:

Watch the keyboardist debut the song “live” at the 20:30 mark: