Widespread Panic Debuts Covers & Originals On Halloween In New Orleans

Widespread Panic Debuts Covers & Originals On Halloween In New Orleans

Widespread Panic concluded a three-night Halloween run in New Orleans on Sunday with a show featuring a setlist filled with debut covers, a new original and a handful of bust outs. Panic’s Halloween concert at UNO Lakefront Arena had a stage theme of Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy that morphed into Mars In New Orleans as per PanicStream.

Guitarist John Bell dressed as Space Ghost, bassist Dave Schools walked out wearing a gas mask, drummer Duane Trucks appeared as Hitchhikers character Zaphod Beeblebrox, percussionist Domingo “Sunny” Ortiz wore a garbage man outfit, keyboardist JoJo Hermann was Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde while Jimmy Herring doesn’t need a costume. Classic “Fishwater” kicked off the action and was followed by the first “Bayou Lena” since the band’s 2019 Jazz Fest appearance — a span of 56 shows.

Fan-favorite “Space Wrangler” led into a debut cover of David Bowie’s “Life On Mars?” before “Holden Oversoul” gave way to a fruitful jam. Next, “Me And The Devil Blues” saw action after 55 shows on the shelf, while “All Time Low” hit after a false start. Panic then followed “Pilgrims” with new original “Halloween Face.” The latter was the first new original performed by the sextet since “Sundown Betty” premiered at the 2018 Panic En La Playa destination event.

Widespread Panic debuted their take on R.E.M.’s “Feeling Gravity’s Pull” to start last night’s second set. Both bands were formed in Athens, Georgia and WSP began teasing “Feeling Gravity’s Pull” way back in 1987 as Everyday Companion’s Ted Rockwell pointed out. “I’m So Glad” came next and then the beginning of “Driving Song” led into Panic’s debut “Zigzagging Through Ghostland” cover. The Radiators classic gave way to JJ Cale’s “Ride Me High,” which bled into “Tie Your Shoes” before “Saint Ex” faded into the conclusion of “Driving Song.”

A run of covers ended the second set starting with Parliament’s “Red Hot Mama,” continuing with Bloodkin’s “End Of Show” and finishing with “Children Of The Grave” by Black Sabbath. Last night’s “Children Of The Grave” was Panic’s first since October 23, 2016 which came after its debut on Halloween 2007.

Widespread Panic concluded the night and run with a three-song encore. Up first was the band’s recently debuted take on Bloodkin’s “Trashy.” Next came “Porch Song” before Jojo led the group through Professor Longhair’s “Red Beans” for the first time since Panic En La Playa 2019. The six-piece heads to Chicago for a three-night stand November 17 – 19.

Watch fan-shot video footage from last night’s show below:

Life On Mars

Halloween Face

Tie Your Shoes

Children Of The Grave

Setlist (via PanicStream)

Set One: Fishwater, Bayou Lena, Space Wrangler, Life On Mars, Holden Oversoul > Jam, Me and the Devil Blues, All Time Low, Pilgrims, Halloween Face, Imitation Leather Shoes (81 mins)

Set Two: Feeling Gravity’s Pull, I’m So Glad, Driving Song > Zigzagging Through Ghostland > Ride Me High > Tie Your Shoes > Saint Ex > Driving Song, Red Hot Mama, End of the Show*, Children of the Grave (81 mins)

Encore: Trashy, Surprise Valley, Porch Song, Red Beans (30 mins)


  • * w/ JB on mandolin
  • – ‘Bayou Lena’ LTP 5/02/19 JazzFest (56 shows)
  • – ‘Life On Mars’ FTP (David Bowie)
  • – ‘Me and the Devil Blues’ LTP 6/07/19 Brandon, MS (55 shows)
  • – False start to ‘All Time Low’
  • – ‘Red Beans’ tease during end of ‘Pilgrims’
  • – ‘Halloween Face’ FTP (new original)
  • – ‘Feeling Gravity’s Pull’ FTP (R.E.M.)
  • – ‘Zigzagging Through Ghostland’ FTP (The Radiators)
  • – ‘Children of the Grave’ LTP 10/23/16 Milwaukee (149 shows)
  • – ‘Red Beans’ LTP 1/28/19 Playa (71 shows)