Watch Phish Perform 30-Minute ‘Ruby Waves’ In Eugene: Pro-Shot Video

Phish shared pro-shot video of “Ruby Waves” from their 2021 Fall Tour. The 30-minute excursion came during the second set of night two on October 20 at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Oregon .

Trey Anastasio Band unveiled “Ruby Waves” on October 19, 2008 — close to 13 years to the day as the Phish “Ruby Waves” in Eugene — but would not play it again until Spring 2019. Phish debuted the song on June 18, 2019 in Toronto. “Ruby Waves” went into pretty heavy rotation on the 2019 Summer Tour and became a jam vehicle for the band with the most notable version coming during the instant classic that was night three at Alpine Valley which, at just over 38 minutes, was “the longest modern era jam and seventh-longest ever to date,” as per

But the Eugene “Ruby Waves” was also both formidable and substantial at 30 minutes and was prefaced by second set opener “AC/DC Bag” and followed by “Lonely Trip.” Read an excerpt from JamBase’s coverage of night two in Eugene below:

Page added wild synth lines on the “ball of energy” line heralding things to come and Phish quickly began spilling outside “Ruby Waves” as CK dropped some spotlight strobes over the darkened stage. Trey latched onto a stream of melodic lines with McConnell adding synth touches behind him and the band dropped into a droning groove. The guitarist then stomped on his Clav-like tone as the groove descended briefly into dark waters before Fishman locked into an intricate driving beat over which Anastasio and McConnell played before the band reformed in a shimmering soundscape. CK brought the first row of lights down low giving the arena a small club feel.

Page banged on the low end of the Wurlitzer signaling a bit of a more boisterous jam which Trey added to with increasingly rocking riffs. McConnell switched to organ as Trey built the sequence before dropping back into a swampy tone which he and Page crescendoed into a staccato jam with Mike utilizing effects as Trey and Page added bells and whistles behind him. Page then delivered some horn-like synth touches on the Moog as Trey returned to the bayou ahead of his backward guitar effects and more dreamscapes that led into “Lonely Trip.” The song has been something of a beacon coming out of jams and was certainly that marching, or sailing rather, out of the otherworldly 30-minute “Ruby Waves.”

Watch Phish on a 30-minute “Ruby Waves” below:

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