Vulfpeck Shares ‘You Got To Be You’ Single

Vulfpeck released a new single, “You Got To Be You.” The song is set to land on the funk collective’s upcoming Cory Wong-produced album, Vulf Vault 005: Wong’s Cafe, arriving on January 7, 2022 via Vulf Records.

Vulpeck heralded Wong’s Cafe earlier this month with the single “Smokeshow.” Vulf followed up with “Disco De Lune” and now “You Got To Be You.”

The band’s Jack Stratton composed “You Got To Be You” and also added piano. Woody Goss mans the Wurlitzer electric piano while Joey Dosik plays the Fender Rhodes. Drummer Theo Katman and bassist Joe Dart hold down the rhythm section alongside Cory Wong on guitar. Dosik also shoulders his sax for a smokin’ solo to bring the song home.

Watch Vulf’s in-studio video for “You Got To Be You” below: