Umphrey’s McGee Busts Out ‘Dim Sun’ At Summer Camp

Umphrey’s McGee helped kick off Summer Camp on Thursday at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, Illinois. The perennial Summer Camp performers would dust off “Dim Sun” during their set in the VIP tent.

Billed as “Tales From The Middle West” and originally scheduled to take place in the Red Barn, the Midwestern heroes kicked things off in the VIP tent with “Turn & Run” from their 2009 album Mantis. After running through the breezy rocker, guitarist Jake Cinninger then plucked out the opening strains of the aforementioned “Dim Sun” from the band’s 2011 album, Death By Stereo. Umphrey’s had not played the instrumental rarity since October 21, 2016 in Philadelphia for a total of 352 shows and the Summer Camp 2021 “Dim Sun” marked just the 10th performance of the song since its debut in 2011.

The set continued with a bevy of vintage tunes in the composed classic “Ringo,” the country-inflected “Muff II: The Revenge” and the cascading “Water.” The reggae-tinged “FF” then led into “Gulf Stream.” A pairing of “Alex’s House” and the instrumental opus “Smell The Mitten” closed out the set. Umphrey’s McGee would return to encore with the favorite “Hangover,” which got a big rise out of VIP tent audience, to bring UM’s first set at Summer Camp 2021 to a close.

Watch video of the “Dim Sun” bust out as well as audio of the set from Michael Frasca below:


Set: Turn and Run > Dim Sun, Ringo, Muff II: The Revenge, Water, FF > Gulf Stream, Alex’s House > Smell the Mitten

Encore: Hangover