Umphrey’s McGee Announces Chicago Cubs Marquee Sports Network Partnership

Umphrey’s McGee partnered with the Chicago Cubs Marquee Sports Network to provide original music for upcoming broadcasts and special programming. Members of the band will perform a special acoustic set on Cubs Live! on Friday, September 24 and will be featured in a standalone special set to air at a later date.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with such a great Chicago band, with ties across the midwest and fans across the nation,” Marquee Sports Network general manager, Mike McCarthy stated. “Regularly performing on some of the biggest stages in the country, we look forward to featuring Umphrey’s McGee on Marquee.”

The partnership includes UM providing original music for use during Chicago Cubs Major League Baseball game broadcasts. Umphrey’s music will also be heard on Marquee Network’s pre- and post-game shows.

“UM’s love of baseball extends as far back as our love of music, and the fanatic dedication of Umphrey’s fans mirrors the rabid loyalty of Cubs fans,” UM manager Kevin Browning stated. “Combining UM’s hard-driving, fist-pumping music with Marquee’s ‘we get it’ style feels as natural as [Cubs pitcher Kyle] Hendricks painting the outside corner.”

Coinciding with the partnership’s announcement, Marquee Sports Network shared a 30-second video spot as part of its “We Get All Of It” campaign. The clip is soundtracked by Umphrey’s McGee’s song “Puppet String” featuring the lyrics “Are you prepared for what comes next?” Watch the video below: