Trey Anastasio Discusses Phish’s ‘Sci-Fi Soldier’ Set For ‘Helping Friendly Podcast’

Trey Anastasio Discusses Phish’s ‘Sci-Fi Soldier’ Set For ‘Helping Friendly Podcast’

Phish guitarist answered a few questions about the band’s Sci-Fi Soldier Halloween set posed by RJ Bee for the season finale of JamBase partner Osiris Media Network’s Helping Friendly Podcast On Tour series. Bee read Anastasio’s written responses towards the end of an episode recapping Phish’s final five Fall Tour 2021 concerts.

“The album has been in the works since the year 4680, but that is only relevant if you believe that time moves forward,” Anastasio explained when queried about how long Phish had been planning their latest musical costume, Get More Down, a collection of 12 new originals played as interstellar band Sci-Fi Soldier. “If you don’t believe, as we do, that every event has the characteristic of being both present and not present (i.e., future or past), that time is a self-contradictory idea.”

The 57-year-old guitarist also confirmed both the music and lyrics for Get More Down were “all co-written, together as a group” by the quartet. Finally, Anastasio addressed the origin of drummer Jon Fishman‘s “Paulie Roots” alias for the musical costume set. The name was a shout out to Phish “friend Paul ‘Paulie Roots’ Labruciano, the brother of Anne Labruciano, an early friend of ours who was a DJ and used to spin disks with us while we played at some early gigs,” Trey revealed. “She actually collaborated with us at our second show ever, in the basement of [the University of Vermont’s] Slade Hall.”

RJ Bee was joined on HFPod On Tour’s 15th episode by co-hosts Jonathan Hart and Brian Brinkman as well as special guest Dawn Jenkins from fellow Osiris podcast Phemale-Centrics. Bee, Hart, Brinkman and Jenkins discussed the tour’s penultimate stop in Santa Barbara before diving deep into Phish’s four-night run at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Listen to the Helping Friendly Podcast On Tour season finale below:

Additionally, Osiris Phish podcast Undermine today released “Set II,” the eighth episode of the show’s second season. “Set II” features interviews with numerous Phish fans who explain why they are such huge followers of the band. The episode also explores many of the inside jokes that were part of the Phish experience, including the “Secret Language,” a chess match the group engaged in with audience members and the “Big Ball Jam,” among other topics.

Stream “Set II”: