The Wallflowers Release New Album ‘Exit Wounds’

The Wallflowers released their first album in nearly a decade today via New West Records. Exit Wounds is frontman Jakob Dylan’s follow-up to The Wallflowers’ 2012 LP, Glad All Over.

Exit Wounds sees Dylan enlisting a fresh group of musicians to record the album. Dylan explained his collaborative process in a press release:

The Wallflowers have always been a vehicle for me to make great rock ‘n’ roll records. And sometimes the lineup that makes the record transfers over into touring, and sometimes it doesn’t. But my intention is always to make the Wallflowers record I want to make, using the musicians I have beside me. This was not the type of thing where it’s a rotating cast and you call a different drummer for each song, or you pull out the Rolodex and ring the local session guys. The record was made as a band – the five Wallflowers.

Dylan also tapped Butch Walker (Taylor Swift, Weezer) to produce Exit Wounds with Chris Dugan (Green Day) handling mixing duties. Four of the 10 tracks on the record also feature acclaimed singer-songwriter Shelby Lynne.

The Wallflowers heralded their return with a performance of lead single “Roots and Wings” on Jimmy Kimmel Live in April and followed with the album’s lead of track “Maybe Your Heart’s Not In It No More.”

Dylan described “Maybe Your Heart’s Not In It No More” as “a conversation you could find yourself having with your muse — one where you’re asking if they’ve changed their mind or have you changed yours. Are you still in sync or have you lost touch? You’ll be needing one another — so checking on each other’s condition now and then is a good idea.”

Stream The Wallflowers Exit Wounds below: