The JamBase Podcast: Liz Cooper

The JamBase Podcast: Liz Cooper

Episode 94 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, features an interview with singer-songwriter Liz Cooper. JamBase’s Andy Kahn talked to the guitarist about her new album, Hot Sass, which comes out tomorrow, Friday, September 3 through Thirty Tigers.

Kahn spoke to Liz over a video call. She was back in Nashville where she lived for many years before relocating to Brooklyn in early 2020. Rehearsals for her tour in support of Hot Sass brought her back to Nashville, and she called in from the parking lot of a familiar Music City grocery store during a break in practice.

Liz talked about coming to the decision to release the album under her own name, which was a first after previously using the Liz Cooper & The Stampede moniker. She discussed the reasoning behind wanting to drop “The Stampede” and how her new bandmates were supportive of the decision.

Liz described recording Hot Sass with producer Benny Yurco at his recording studio in Burlington, Vermont. She talked about recording much of the album live inside the intimate confines of Yurco’s Little Jamaica Recordings with bassist Joe Bisirri, drummer Ryan Usher and multi-instrumentalist Michael Libramento.

Cooper also discussed her songwriting process and its evolution, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic personally and professionally, her eagerness to get back on the road to tour in support of Hot Sass, and much more.

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