The Infamous Stringdusters’ Travis Book Releases ‘Happy Hour House Band Vol. 1’ Live Album

The Infamous Stringdusters bassist Travis Book released a live album, Happy Hour House Band Vol. 1, via Americana Vibes. The collection features songs from Book’s Happy Hour Podcast and includes collaborations with members of Steep Canyon Rangers, Fruition, The Lil Smokies and more.

Travis launched his Happy Hour concept in June 2020 with longtime collaborator Sarah Siskind and the sessions became a fixture of the Asheville, North Carolina music scene with the happening finding a home at Asheville’s The Grey Eagle. The live podcasts, streamed on Facebook, serve up a blend of “music, conversation and happiness, where Travis melds together unique musical collaborations and conversations about matters of being – all revolving around a common theme,” as per a press release.

But the music takes center stage on Happy Hour House Band Vol. 1. The live album features Steep Canyon Rangers’ Mike Guggino, Fruition’s Mimi Naja, Lil Smokies’ Rev Matt Rieger and Andy Dunnigan, singer-songwriters Jon Stickley, Lindsay Lou, Benny “Burle” Galloway and more (track and artist list below).

Stream Happy Hour House Band Vol. 1 below along with a video of Book, Rieger and Dunnigan performing opening track “The City” by Lil Smokies:

Happy Hour House Band Vol. 1 Track and Artist List:

  1. The City (with Matt Rieger and Andy Dunnigan)
  2. Back Home (with Jesse Iaquinto and Tommy Maher)
  3. Beside You (with Mimi Naja)
  4. Blackburn Brothers (with Jon Stickley)
  5. Poor Boy’s Delight (with Benny Galloway)
  6. Rockets (with Sarah Siskind)
  7. Bring it on Home (with Jesse Iaquinto and Tommy Maher)
  8. Wake Me Up (with Mike Guggino)
  9. King of the Road (with Mimi Naja)
  10. I Am a Pilgrim (with Mike Guggino)
  11. Far I’d Fall (with Jon Stickley)
  12. In The Mountains (with Sarah Siskind)
  13. Time to Move On (with Matt Rieger and Andy Dunnigan)
  14. Gentle on my Mind (with Tommy Maher)
  15. I’ve Endured (with Tommy Maher)
  16. Sing Me Back Home (with Benny Galloway)