The Disco Biscuits Bust Out ‘Floes’ In New Jersey

The Disco Biscuits Bust Out ‘Floes’ In New Jersey

The Disco Biscuits wrapped up a two-night run at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey on Saturday. The jamtronica quartet dusted off “Floes” to cap off a seamless first set.

The Disco Biscuits kicked off the show with “Strobelights & Martinis” featuring keyboardist Aron Magner lacing the groove from bassist Marc Brownstein and drummer Allen Aucoin with synth before Aucoin slipped the group into a four on the floor jam which headed into the Bronwine-composed “Miracles.” Marc debuted the song with tDB side project Electron before the tune found its way into the Bisco rotation. The band then dropped “Bombs” ahead of a return to “Miracles.”

A vibey jam would bridge “Miracles” and “Tempest” before the quartet busted out “Floes,” with Magner and guitarist Jon Gutwillig teaming up on vocals. The Disco Biscuits’ original drummer Sam Altman, who departed the band in 2005, composed “Floes” and Bisco debuted the tune in 2000. Ahead of the New Jersey play, tDB last performed “Floes” on July 20, 2019 for a total gap of 79 shows, as per Phantasy Tour. The bust out would bring the first frame to a close.

The Disco Biscuits kicked off the vintage second set with another classic, “Magellan.” Barber then led the band through “Jigsaw Earth” which found its way into an inverted version of “Munchkin Invasion” ahead of a return to “Jigsaw.” Brownie’s “Rock Candy” closed out the second set. The Disco Biscuits kept in old school by serving up “Mr. Don” for the encore.

Watch video of the first set including “Floes” via Boots O’Riley below:

Setlist (via tDB Facebook)

Set One: Strobelights & Martinis-> Miracles-> Bombs-> Miracles-> Tempest-> Floes

Set Two: Magellan, Jigsaw Earth-> Munchkin Invasion (inverted)-> Jigsaw Earth, Rock Candy

Encore: Mr. Don