The Avett Brothers Welcome G. Love At Red Rocks

The Avett Brothers kicked off a three-night run at Red Rocks on Friday. The band would welcome opener G. Love mid-set at the iconic Colorado venue.

The Avetts got the show underway with “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise” from their landmark 2009 album I And Love And You. “Gimmeakiss,” “November Blue” and “Trouble Letting Go” followed before the band offered up the only cover of the evening, Doc Watson’s “Wanted Man.” After “Live And Die,” Seth Avett led the group through “Spell Of Ambition,”

The Avett Brothers then welcomed special guest G. Love. “We met G a long time ago,” Scott Avett said. “Turns out he’s our older brother.” The renowned singer-songwriter added harmonica on The Avetts’ “The Fall” with Scott joining him for some dueling harmonic action. G. Love also joined Scott and Seth to sing the chorus before taking an extended harp solo.

The Avetts continued their set with “Pretty Girl From Chile” before Scott and Seth went it alone for “Victory” from the 2020 album The Third Gleam. Bassist Bob Crawford then joined in for “I Would Be Sad” ahead of “I Wish I Was.” The set would also include “Please Pardon Yourself,” which built from just Seth, Scott and Bob to a full band outing.

The favorite “Laundry Room” would count as the penultimate song of the set followed by closer “Salvation Song,” which featured some gorgeous a cappella harmonies from the whole band. The Avett Brothers would retake the Red Rocks stage for a three-song encore of “Murder In The City,” “Talk On Indolence” and “No Hard Feelings” to bring the evening to a close.

Watch audience-shot video of “The Fall” with G. Love via the Jambase Live Video Archive below:


The Avett Brothers at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

  • Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
  • Gimmeakiss
  • November Blue
  • Trouble Letting Go
  • Wanted Man  
  • Live and Die
  • Spell of Ambition
  • The Fall
  • Pretty Girl From Chile
  • Victory
  • I Would Be Sad
  • I Wish I Was
  • Le reel du pendu / Les bars de la prison
  • Ain’t No Man
  • Shame
  • Please Pardon Yourself
  • New Woman’s World
  • Satan Pulls the Strings
  • Morning Song
  • Laundry Room
  • Salvation Song
  • Murder in the City
  • Talk on Indolence
  • No Hard Feelings