Terrapin Crossroads’ Beach Park Lease Expiring Soon

Phil Lesh‘s Terrapin Crossroads restaurant/music venue in San Rafael, California has been hosting outdoor concerts at Beach Park for the past seven years. There is uncertainty about whether the trend will continue much longer according to a report from the Marin Independent Journal (MIJ).

Terrapin Crossroads rents Beach Park from the city of San Rafael. However, the venue’s lease on the 3/4-acre site is slated to end in September and “officials don’t know if the management plans to renew it,” as per the Marin Independent Journal’s Natalie Hanson.

“The city is still having ongoing conversations with the management of Terrapin Crossroads as to their desire and preferences regarding the lease agreement for Beach Park,” San Rafael official Susan Andrade-Wax told the MIJ. Venue staffers refrained from commenting on their talks with the city.

“Terrapin has been an incredible partner, they have been fantastic,” added Andrade-Wax. “I was hoping we wouldn’t have to have this conversation, and I’m still hoping. Partnerships like this just don’t come around that often.”

Venue staffers would have a month to clear out Terrapin property from Beach Park if an agreement to extend the lease cannot be reached. The park will then be open to the public after the city prepares the space for such use. Head to the Marin Independent Journal’s website for more on the negotiations.