Southern Avenue Unveils ‘Move Into The Light’ Single Co-Penned With Jason Mraz

Southern Avenue released a new single, “Move Into The Light,” co-written with Jason Mraz. The song is set to land on the Memphis soul quintet’s forthcoming album, Be The Love You Want, due out on August 27 through Renew Records/BMG.

Southern Avenue announced Be The Love You Want in June and shared the single “Push Now.” The group now follows with “Move Into The Light.” Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Jason Mraz along with Platinum-selling producer Michael Goldwasser (Easy Star All-Stars) helped Southern Avenue craft the song.

Southern Avenue vocalist Tierinii Jackson spoke about the collaboration with American Songwriter, who premiered “Move Into The Light” earlier this week. Read an excerpt from the interview below:

It’s just such a unique collaboration. Jason understands that the vibe of Southern Avenue is very positive, so his approach lyrically perfectly matched the direction for the album. When he turned up with the song, I was so grateful. We reworked it with the band and made it all churchy and soulful and as Memphis-y as we could. It turned out really, really great. It’s kind of a wild card because it’s more of a dance song, but it’s still got that church vibe, it still has the soul.

Listen to “Move Into The Light” below: