Rob Aldridge & The Proponents Share ‘Mind Over Manners’ Single: Exclusive Premiere

Muscle Shoals, Alabama-based Rob Aldridge & The Proponents will release their sophomore album, Mind Over Manners, on January 21. The record’s title track, “Mind Over Manners,” premieres exclusively below.

The 12-song LP features guitarists Rob Aldridge and Rob Malone (formerly of Drive-By Truckers), drummer Nick Recio and bassist Stone Anderson. Sadly, Anderson died in April 2021 at age 27 from an accidental drug overdose. Matt Ross, who was Malone’s bandmate inThe Fiddleworms, has since stepped in to play bass with the band.

“The first record Stone was still learning how to play the bass,” Aldridge said of Anderson. “His talent and potential was all very much there, but he hadn’t quite figured it all out yet. On this album, his bass playing is just fantastic.”

Others who contributed to Mind Over Manners include keyboardist Clint Chandler, cellist Caleb Elliott and violinist Kimi Samson, as well as Wanda Wesolowski who provided additional vocals to the track “Poor Taste.” Follow this link to pre-order Mind Over Manners.

The band shared the following statement regarding the album’s title track:

“‘Mind Over Manners’ is a response to people who dismiss the Black Lives Matter movement and protests. It asks them, ‘If you’re being honest with yourself about the history of racism and suppression in this country, how can you blame anyone for rioting?’ A call to action for us to listen and learn. The album, Mind Over Manners, takes authentic, risky rock ‘n’ roll; then flavors it with a gritty southern disposition and the soulful musical influences of Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Lyrically, it is a reflection of the human experience. The songs present fresh perspectives on anxiety, racial and political tensions, religion, love, and family.”

The title track and lead single to Rob Aldridge & The Proponents forthcoming new album, “Mind Over Manners,” premieres here: