Rainbow Girls Share ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense’ Single

Rainbow Girls continued the rollout of their new EP, Rolling Dumpster Fire, today. The Bay Area trio shared the single, “Doesn’t Make Any Sense.”

“Doesn’t Make Any Sense,” which the band described as “probably the most intimate song on this record,” marks the third release off Rolling Dumpster Fire so far with Rainbow Girls offering up a track each Monday leading up to the six-song EP’s release on December 6. The trio has previously shared “Free Wine” and “Santa Anna.”

Rainbow Girls’ Erin Chapin detailed “Doesn’t Make Any Sense” in a statement:

The storyline moves through the events of a single weekend with two lovers finally coming together, just to be pulled apart by some unknown and unnamed force. Though written through the lens of a personal, very literal experience with romantic love, the overarching theme of ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense’ is something everyone seems to be experiencing right now: the pandemic; climate change; homelessness; the refusal to treat all types of people with dignity, respect, and equality. Nothing makes any sense. How can salvation be so obvious, yet so intangible?

Stream “Doesn’t Make Any Sense” below: