Phish’s Jon Fishman’s Donut Dress & Trey Anastasio’s Effects Pad Among New #iggystrong Auction Items Benefiting 11-Year-Old With Cancer

The latest #iggystrong online auction to benefit Chris Friday’s son Iggy Friday, who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year includes the donut dress that Phish drummer Jon Fishman donned at many shows from 1998 – 2011 and a Kaoss Pad used and signed by Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio. moe., Ween, Primus and STS9 are among many others who contributed items to the auction.

Chris Friday, Fishman’s partner in Burlington-based band Touchpants, works as the tour manager for Phish bassist Mike Gordon‘s five-piece band who also manages Phish’s warehouse. Iggy Friday, Chris’ 11-year-old son, was diagnosed earlier this year with acute lymphoid leukemia. Proceeds from a second #iggystrong auction put together by Cate Esser (booking agent, promoter) and Danny Bennett (Higher Ground, production and stage management for Gov’t Mule, Mike Gordon, Grace Potter) will help defray medical costs for his treatment.

“This dress was one of two donut dresses which were literally the 2nd + 3rd dresses I ever owned. After the original (which was acquired from a free box at the Salvation Army) became too worn to be worn, a couple of guys in Japan, who’s names escape me, produced two exact replicas, though out of a heavier material,” Fishman wrote of his second generation donut dress. “This is one of those two replicas. I wore it for at least half the gigs of every tour from about 1998 – 2011.” Anastasio utilized the Kaoss Pad he signed and contributed to the auction during Phish’s lone cover of “Everything In Its Right Place” at Madison Square Garden in New York City on August 4, 2017.

Other notable items currently up for auction include:

Head here for details and descriptions of each item being auctioned off as well as to bid. Donations can also be made directly here. The auction runs through this Sunday, July 11 at 5 p.m. ET.

Read a statement from Chris Friday below:

Hey all artists, athletes, management, and patrons. Chris Friday here. You may remember me from such films as, “Backstage At Higher Ground”, or, “That Fat Singer From Touchpants”, or, “The Bald Dude Who Works For Jam Bands”, or……anyway, I’m also the father of Iggy Friday. Iggy is my 11-year-old son. Iggy contracted Acute Lymphoid Leukemia on Feb. 20th. Iggy is one of 5% of leukemia patients who developed the Philadelphia chromosome in his bone marrow, making his fight that much harder. Iggy has been fighting hard this whole time, and has spent the majority of that time in the hospital getting treatment. Iggy will be spending the majority of the summer and into September in the hospital trying to eradicate this from his system entirely. He is doing well, fingers crossed but has a long road ahead and the treatments are no fun on a child of his age. Iggy is a hockey player, a baseball player, a video game enthusiast, dabbles in the drums (wants to get back into it), and an all-around great kid.

My dear friends Cate Esser and Danny Bennett are once again throwing another auction/raffle to benefit Iggy in whatever way possible through his struggle. This auction is for the purpose of serving those who wished to donate/benefit on the first auction that was held a few months ago, but missed the deadline in getting an item in. Cate and Danny are saints who have really gone out of their way to put this all together. They are also part of the music business and have been working with me and without me for decades, and I cherish their friendship and hard work ethic, as well as them putting up with my warped sense of humor.

I thank everyone involved and all that are donating items, to help Iggy in his struggle to make life better. It’s been a challenging road for him and our family, and new curveballs are thrown at us every day. Having our friends do this means the world to us, and having you all as the most amazing supportive community behind us, warms our hearts in so many ways.