Phish ‘Undermine’ Podcast Season 2 Finale Focuses On 2020 & 2021

Phish ‘Undermine’ Podcast Season 2 Finale Focuses On 2020 & 2021

JamBase partner Osiris Media‘s Phish podcast Undermine concluded its second season with “You’re Already There,” an episode profiling the past two years for the band, its members and fans. The impact of COVID, Trey Anastasio‘s “The Beacon Jams” livestream series and Phish Summer and Fall Tours 2021 were among topics discussed.

“You’re Already There” started with members of the Osiris team recalling their respective experiences in 2020. CEO RJ Bee brought up Sigma Oasis, a studio album surprise-released by the band shortly after the pandemic began. “Phish sure felt, to me at least, like they were superheroes here to save the planet and suddenly all of our feelings of isolation and loneliness, they were magically transformed into a real and tangible sense of togetherness despite physical separation,” Undermine writer Benjy Eisen said of the Sigma Oasis listening party. “Our entire community was together, we were celebrating. We couldn’t see each other, but we could feel each other.”

Phish kept fans entertained with the “Dinner And A Movie” live archival video broadcast series. Members of the Phish community discussed how special those livestream broadcasts were for them. Next came talk of “The Beacon Jams” which saw Anastasio present eight concerts that aired live from New York City’s Beacon Theatre each Friday between October 9 – November 27, 2020.

December 31, 2020 was the first New Year’s Eve since 2008 in which Phish didn’t perform live. “You’re Already There” continued with discussion of past Phish New Year’s Eve concerts and how tough it was not to have the band play a year-ending show in 2020. The quartet did return to the stage in July to start Summer Tour 2021. Phish fans spoke about the incredible shows that took place this year were and the anxiety that came with heading back to venues. Other topics hit upon were the changes to the Trey Anastasio Band lineup, Phish’s recent Sci-Fi Soldier set and how grateful those in the community are to have the quartet playing at such a high level.

Undermine returns for Season 3 in Spring 2022. Listen to the Season 2 finale, “You’re Already There,” below: