Phish Podcast ‘Undermine’ Previews Season 2

Undermine, a Phish podcast from JamBase partner Osiris Media, begins its second season on September 8. A trailer for new season of Undermine, which offers a deep dive into the community that has formed around the band and is fittingly titled The Phish Community, can be streamed below.

Once again, Phish lyricist Tom Marshall will narrate the season and serve as its tour guide. Osiris added author/journalist Benjy Eisen to the podcast’s writing team. Undermine’s comprehensive look at the Phish fanbase includes interviews with over 100 members of the community including’s Charlie Dirksen, JamBase co-founder Andy Gadiel, former band employee Shelly Culbertson, HeadCount’s Andy Bernstein, Phish Inc. general manager and WaterWheel Foundation executive director/co-founder Beth Montouri Rowles, Phish LD Chris Kuroda, scribe Steven Hyden, Umphrey’s McGee keyboardist Joel Cummins and many others.

“Our goal is to make Undermine the definitive Phish podcast, a show that people will be listening to for years,” said RJ Bee, CEO of Osiris Media. “For this season, we wanted to push ourselves, and the audience, to dig into what makes this community so different, and so special. There are lifelong friendships and marriages that come from this community, and there have been spaces created for LBGTQ fans, sober fans, and many others, all around Phish. The band has inspired fans to create their own enterprises, from Jambase to HeadCount, and Phish fans have inserted their influence everywhere from the Obama administration to the NBA.”

Undermine was launched by Osiris Media in February 2021. The podcast’s first season focused on the band’s early days. Episodes can be heard on JamBase, Apple, Spotify and all major podcast services.

Listen to the trailer for Undermine’s second season: