Phish Performs ‘The Moma Dance’ In Atlantic City: Pro-Shot Video

Phish Performs ‘The Moma Dance’ In Atlantic City: Pro-Shot Video

Phish shared pro-shot video featuring the “Scents & Subtle Sounds” intro and well-jammed “The Moma Dance” that followed from Sunday night’s concert at Atlantic City Beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey on YouTube. The +16-minute segment came early in the evening’s first set after the quartet opened with “The Landlady.”

“Guitarist Trey Anastasio could be heard telling his bandmates his plan to play the intro to ‘Scents And Subtle Sounds’ (that was not performed when they started the song the night before) followed by ‘The Moma Dance,’” JamBase’s Andy Kahn wrote in his recap of the show. “The band then played the ‘Scents’ intro, in a similar fashion to the opening track on their 2004 studio album Undermind, and then dropped into ‘The Moma Dance.’”

“A typical early-first set placement of ‘The Moma Dance,’ led to an atypical opening up of several minutes of improvisation, developing into a full-on Type II excursion,” Kahn added. “Trey employed the synthy effect he’s been fond of this tour, steering a linear, patiently constructed jam that segued into ‘The Final Hurrah.’”

Watch the “Scents” intro and “The Moma Dance” from Atlantic City below:

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