Phil Lesh & Friends Kick Off Colorado Run In Dillon

Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh brought a Phil Lesh & Friends ensemble to Dillon Amphitheater in Dillon, Colorado on Thursday to begin a three-night run through the state. Phil was joined by guitarists Stu Allen and Grahame Lesh, keyboardist Holly Bowling and drummer John Molo for a show filled with GD classics last night.

The quintet opened the evening with a rousing “China Cat Sunflower” sung by Stu that gave way to “The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion).” Next up was a rollicking “Dupree’s Diamond Blues” before the band took a Phil-led “Bird Song” deep. An emotional “Loser” followed featuring powerful vocals from Stu. Then, Grahame stepped into the spotlight for “Casey Jones” ahead of a set-closing “I Know You Rider.”

Phil and his friends got last night’s second set underway with a well-jammed “Shakedown Street” that spanned nearly 14 minutes. The five-piece worked “Shakedown” into a “Cumberland Blues” filled with twists and turns. Molo then propelled the group through “Viola Lee Blues” to the delight of the crowd. Next, a double dose of Weir tunes sung by Grahame Lesh, “Estimated Prophet” and “Feel Like A Stranger,” was split by a quick romp through “Dancing In The Street.” Grahame also channeled Bobby on the “Sugar Magnolia” that followed. The band slickly fit “Scarlet Begonias” into “Sugar Magnolia” ahead of the “Sunshine Daydream” refrain to end the frame.

The bassist started the encore with his typical rap encouraging organ donations but added a new call to action. “If you haven’t gotten vaccinated, get the fucking vax,” Phil exclaimed. The band then capped the night with a tender “Brokedown Palace” encore. Phil Lesh & Friends play in Vail tonight. A livestream is available via FANS.

Stream an audience recording of last night’s show taped by Bennett Schwartz below:

Watch pro-shot video featuring the start of each set via Relix:

China Cat Sunflower, The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)

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Shakedown Street, Cumberland Blues

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Set One: China Cat Sunflower > Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion), Dupree’s Diamond Blues, Bird Song, Loser, Casey Jones, ​I Know You Rider

Set Two: Shakedown Street > Cumberland Blues > Viola Lee Blues > Estimated Prophet > Dancing In The Street > Feel Like A Stranger, Sugar Magnolia > Scarlet Begonias > Sunshine Daydream

Encore: Donor Rap, Brokedown Palace