Oteil Burbridge Launches Join The Ozone Educational App

Oteil Burbridge launched his Join The Ozone app today. The longtime Allman Brothers Band and current Dead & Company bassist continues his educational endeavors with the new app, which features calls from Oteil, live Q&A sessions and more.

Join The Ozone also boasts a number of pre-recorded courses including 6 Levels of Harmony training and Rhythm and Philosophy training along with never before heard stories, tips and tricks on surviving on the road and more. The app sees Oteil building on his passion for music education which he has developed at music camp events like Roots Rock Revival.

“Oteil reached some of the highest levels of achievement in the music industry, and he did it all without reading music,” a press release noted. “Join the Ozone will teach students to learn the shapes, patterns, and philosophies that opened the door for Oteil to succeed, and will allow students to connect with Oteil in a way that wasn’t possible before this app.

“Music is part math, part technique, and part emotion,” Burbridge said in a statement. “The question is why and how is that possible? How does math and physics become infused with intention and emotion?”

Find more info on Join The Ozone here. Also, check out an announcement video from Oteil below: