Nigel Hall Releases ‘The Sun’ Single

Nigel Hall released a new single, “The Sun.” The song is set to land on the Lettuce keyboardist and vocalist’s upcoming solo album, Spiritual, set to arrive on July 16 via Regime Music Group.

Hall announced Spiritual — the follow-up to his 2015 solo debut Ladies & Gentlemen… Nigel Hall — earlier this year. Nigel previously previewed the new LP with “Wake Me,” and “Gotta Go To Work” and now follows with third and final single, “The Sun.”

Nigel detailed the new track in a statement:

This is a song about a pure, unadulterated vibe. I picture being at a cookout with family and friends. Sweating and smiling, loving and hugging, playing and swaying in the golden time of day, in the sun. It’s summertime and life is sweet, and you’re just giving God thanks, because your mind, body and spirit are being touched by the one thing that fuels the universe, the sun.

Listen to Nigel Hall’s “The Sun” below: