Natalie Hemby Chats With Maggie Rose On ‘Salute The Songbird’ Podcast

Natalie Hemby Chats With Maggie Rose On ‘Salute The Songbird’ Podcast

Singer-songwriter Natalie Hemby spoke about her career with Maggie Rose on the latest episode of JamBase partner Osiris Media’s podcast Salute The Songbird With Maggie Rose. Hemby discussed her recently released album, Pins & Needles, and much more.

The conversation started with talk of The Highwomen, a supergroup featuring Hemby, Brandi Carlile, Amanda Shires and Maren Morris. Natalie revealed how nervous she was ahead of The Highwomen’s live debut at the 2019 Newport Folk Festival.

“I didn’t fit in anywhere it would never take off so I just started writing all the time,” Natalie said of the start of her career. “It’s like dating a bad boyfriend. You’ve been trying to get this person to love you for all this time and then you finally give up and you’re like, ‘I don’t love them anymore.’ And then they’re like ‘No wait, we’re ready to love you now,” Hemby explained of the offer to join The Highwomen being a turning point.

Talk then turned to Pins & Needles. “I was so nervous the night before it came out, I just felt like I was standing there naked,” Hemby noted. “But there’s also this part of me that’s like, ‘I don’t care if anybody likes it.’ I just gotta do what I gotta do. This is how I work. I like to put out my own stuff and I like to write songs for other people.” Rose pointed out Natalie sounds self-assured on Pins & Needles. Natalie and Maggie went on to trade stories of cutting their teeth in the “conveyor belt” of the Nashville music scene.

It took a long time for Natalie Hemby’s career to take off and in some respects, she was happy with how it turned out. “It’s just such an amazing time to be able to be an artist because you do have so many different platforms to choose from,” Hemby explained. “I’m not a touring artist. I would love to tour and open for some people but Instagram and all these things have really helped my career because I don’t have to do that,” added Natalie. “I think it’s the curation of the listener deciding what they want to hear and not being so bound to the playlist that the radio station in their city is playing,” responded Rose.

Pins & Needles was produced by Natalie’s husband, Mike Wrucke. Hemby and Rose talked about how Wrucke is an amazing producer and helped Natalie find her sound. Natalie then discussed all the contributors to her LP including Chuck Leavell and how the album was recorded at her home studio.

Listen to Natalie Hemby’s appearance on Salute The Songbird With Maggie Rose below: