My Morning Jacket Continues Chicago Run With More Tour Debuts

My Morning Jacket Continues Chicago Run With More Tour Debuts

My Morning Jacket continued their three-night run at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago on Friday. As they did the night previous, MMJ fit in four tour debuts for night two in The Windy City.

My Morning Jacket opened up the show with “Victory Dance. After the opening interlude, frontman Jim James led the band through the opener from 2011’s Circuital. “It Beats 4 U” fell in the second slot ahead of “Love Love Love” from the band’s newly released self-titled album and “Magic Bullet” from The Waterfall II. A majestic “Lay Low” came next followed by “Lowdown” to complete the “low” segment. “Master Plan” then prefaced My Morning Jacket cut “Complex” and “Bermuda Highway” from 2001’s At Dawn.

As they did during night one in Chicago, MMJ gave the audience two tour debuts from their 1999 debut album, The Tennessee Fire. First came “If All Else Fails” followed by “I Think I’m Going To Hell.” After “Compound Fracture,” the band delivered the 2021 unveiling of “Easy Morning Rebel” from 2003’s It Still Moves. “Dondante” and My Morning Jacket track “Never In The Real World” followed ahead of set closer,” Mahgeetah.”

MMJ kicked off the four-song encore with another tune from The Tennesse Fire, opener “Heartbreakin’ Man.” “Rollin’ Back” from It Still Moves marked the final tour debut of the show. “Holdin’ On to Black Metal” would count as the penultimate song of the evening followed by “Phone Went West” to cap off night two in Chicago.

Listen to the entire show below via Alex Leary:


My Morning Jacket at Auditorium Theatre

  • Victory Dance
  • It Beats 4 U
  • Love Love Love
  • Magic Bullet
  • Lay Low
  • Lowdown
  • Master Plan
  • Complex
  • Bermuda Highway
  • If All Else Fails  
  • I Think I’m Going to Hell  
  • Compound Fracture
  • Easy Morning Rebel  
  • Dondante
  • Never In The Real World
  • Mahgeetah
  • Heartbreakin Man
  • Rollin Back  
  • Holdin On to Black Metal
  • Phone Went West

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