Moonalice Releases ‘Time Has Come Today’ Single Featuring Lester Chambers

Bay Area band Moonalice released a cover of The Chambers Brothers classic “Time Has Come Today.” The reworking of the 1968 psychedelic soul anthem features The Chambers Brothers’ Lester Chambers, who sang lead on the original.

Moonalice — who recently singed with Nettwerk Records — have expanded their lineup from the core four of guitarist Roger McNamee, bassist Pete Sears, drummer John Molo and guitarist Barry Sless to also include Lester Chambers and his son Dylan Chambers as well as Erika, Rachel and Chloe Tietjen of the Americana group the T Sisters.

“A lightbulb went off when Lester, Dylan and the T Sisters joined the band,” Sless said in a press release. “They have an infectious energy that catches the audience’s attention. All five of them bring a new spark. People realize they really have something to say.”

“I think an important part of Moonalice is the notion that each of us has an opportunity to make a difference,” McNamee added. “We’ve survived a pandemic and a zillion other things. It makes sense to look forward and think about the positive, and remind people that they have a shot at a better day ahead.”

Over 50 years since its release, the timeless “Time Has Come Today” still embodies the forward-thinking and positivity Roger speaks of. Listen to Moonalice’s version featuring Lester Chambers in the lyric video below: