Lord Nelson Shares ‘Country Desperation’ Single: Exclusive Premiere

Lord Nelson will release their third studio album, Transmission, on January 21. JamBase is pleased to exclusively premiere the Charlottesville-based band’s latest single, “Country Desperation.”

Intended to capture the band’s live sound, Transmission was recorded in a converted barn during sessions held over a few weeks that were engineered by guitarist Calloway Jones and collaborator Ivan Barry. The band planned to finish the album quickly and get back to touring when the COVID-19 pandemic took them off the road. The ensuing time off allowed for the album to be completed, with additional parts recorded in various makeshift recording studios.

The 11-track Transmission is Lord Nelson’s first album to feature three writers and vocalists as Jones and his brother Henry Jones contributed to songs along with guitarist Kai Crowe-Getty. Joining them on the album were Andrew Hollifield and Niko Cventanovich on bass, Johnny Stubblefield on drums and Dave Pinto on pedal steel guitar and harmonica.

“‘Country Desperation’ is about some of the shenanigans I got into with my friends when we were 16 and 17,” Calloway Jones stated. “There is some land out in Nelson County where we used to camp, shoot, and party, and the song touches on some of the memorable moments for me. These include: getting a pickup truck stuck in the mud of a drained out pond in the middle of the night, writing joke songs by the campfire, shooting at dragonflies with a .22 loaded up with rat shot (we never hit a single one), and using a half a tank of gas to power a blender plugged into the dash of my friend’s jeep to make margaritas. I guess the idea is that you get into some weird stuff when you’re bored out in the country.”

Head here to pre-order Transmission in advance of its January 21 release. Stream the album’s single, “Country Desperation,” below: