LCD Soundsystem Cancels Final 3 Concerts Of Brooklyn Steel Residency

LCD Soundsystem Cancels Final 3 Concerts Of Brooklyn Steel Residency

The last three nights of LCD Soundsystem‘s Brooklyn Bowl residency have been canceled as COVID-19 cases in New York City continue to spike amid the spread of the Omicron variant. The concerts were slated for tonight (Sunday, December 19), tomorrow (Monday, December 20) and Tuesday, December 21.

“LCD Soundsystem’s shows at Brooklyn Steel on December 19, 20 and 21 have been cancelled,” reads a note shared on Brooklyn Steel social feeds. “All tickets purchased via AXS will be automatically refunded – there is no action required if you purchased your tickets via AXS online or by phone.”

The band moved forward with their concert on Friday night after posting a statement detailing their decision to take the stage. “you need to make your own decision as to whether you feel safe coming to see us,” wrote LCD Soundsystem within Friday’s note. “if you don’t, you can go to to get your money back. you’ll be first in line for tickets the next time we play in nyc. we won’t hold your money, or reschedule… you just get first crack next time there’s a gig here.”

James Murphy and company went on to add, “we will either play these last three shows on the 19th, 20th and 21st, or we will not, depending on what the majority of you all want to do.” A new statement issued by the band today began, “you all have spoken. the last three shows are cancelled. you good people who want to return your tickets and try again another time have spoken, but so has the new info, the hospital capacity, and those of us in the band, crew and venue. we certainly had enough cancellations to make the vote count, but we also, now with all the new info, want to stop for our own sakes.”

Read the statement issued by the band on Friday below followed by today’s note from LCD Soundsystem: