Hear The California Honeydrops Cover The Grateful Dead’s ‘Ripple’

The California Honeydrops continued rolling out tracks from their Covers From The Cave covers album today with a take on the Grateful Dead’s “Ripple.” Additionally, the band shared their rendition of Don Williams’ “Tulsa Time.”

Covers From The Cave features 12 tracks the band will release this year. The genesis of the LP comes from a video series of the same name The California Honeydrops started while quarantining during the start of the pandemic.

Robert Hunter wrote the lyrics for “Ripple” in London during the same afternoon session he penned “To Lay Me Down” and “Brokedown Palace.” Jerry Garcia set Hunter’s words to music and the Grateful Dead released “Ripple” on 1970’s American Beauty.

Danny Flowers penned “Tulsa Time.” Don Williams originally issued the song as the lead single for his 1978 album, Expressions.

Stream/purchase The California Honeydrops’ “Ripple” and “Tulsa Time” covers below: