Goose Starts New Year’s Eve 2021 Run In Chicago

Goose Starts New Year’s Eve 2021 Run In Chicago

Goose got their 2021 New Year’s Eve run underway at Chicago’s Riviera Theatre on Thursday. The Connecticut quintet delivered a jam heavy, all original first set along with a second set and encore including covers from Pat Bennitar and Fat Freddy’s Drop.

Goose kicked off the first set with the funky groove of “Rockdale.” The band got right down to business as guitarist Rick Mitarotonda tore into the 14-minute rendition with underlying piano from Peter Anspach driven with intensity from the rhythm section of bassist Trevor Weekz, drummer Ben Atkind and percussionist Jeffrey Arevalo.

Rick and Peter then delivered the opening guitar harmonies of “Time To Flee” before stretching out even more on the vibey jam with Rick putting an exclamation point on the nearly 20-minute excursion. Substantial versions of “Jive II, “SOS” — along with its Shenanigans Nite Club companion “(dawn)” — and “Bob Don” followed ahead of the disco-tinged “Yeti” with Peter on guitar. Goose closed out the first frame with an 18-minute “Tumble.”

Anspach led the band through “Earthling Or Alien?” to launch the second set, which featured a very funky jam that led into an atmospheric segment signaling “726.” Goose then delivered a backbeat version of “Echo Of A Rose” which gave way to Pat Bennitar’s “Love Is A Battlefield.”

Next up, “Travelers” segued into a return to “Echo Of A Rose” before Goose capped off the second set with the funky favorite, “Hot Tea,” which contained teases of “That’s All” by Genesis. Goose returned to the stage to encore with a cover of “Fish In The Sea” by Fat Freddy’s Drop to bring night one of their New Year’s run to a close.

Watch pro-shot, full show video below:

Setlist (via El Goose)

Set One: Rockdale, Time to Flee, Jive II, SOS, Bob Don, Yeti, Tumble

Set Two: Earthlings Or Aliens? > 726, Echo of a Rose {1} > Love Is A Battlefield {2}, Travelers > Echo of a Rose, Hot Tea {3}

Encore: Fish In The Sea {4}

Coach’s Notes:

  • {1} Backbeat version
  • {2} Pat Bennitar
  • {3} That’s All by Genesis teases
  • {4} Fat Freddy’s Drop
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