Goose Makes Sculpture Park Debut In Denver: Full Shows Audio

Goose made their debut at Sculpture Park in Denver over the weekend to close out their 2021 Summer Tour. The Connecticut quintet delivered a host of originals along with some choice covers from Peter Gabriel, Jim James and more.

Friday, July 9 got underway with a well-jammed “Slow Ready” ahead of “Honeybee” and “Yeti.” After playing a nearly 30-minute “A Western Sun” at a recent show in New York State, Goose delivered a relatively shorter rendition of the song that still saw the band exploring an outro jam capped off by soaring soloing from guitarist Rick Mitarotonda. Goose then delivered a cover of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.” Goose has a knack for picking covers that suit them really well and “In Your Eyes” is no different. “In Your Eyes” also contained a big jam and stretched to nearly 16-minutes. “Bob Don” would come next ahead of another 15-minute excursion on “Tumble” to close out the set.

Goose kept up the jamming in the five-song second frame beginning with the Fat Freddy’s Drop cover “Fish In The Sea.” “Into The Myst” and “Same Old Shenanigans” followed ahead of a substantial “Elmeg The Wise” which is a song from Rick’s pre-Goose band St. John’s Revival. After “Elmeg”,” keyboardist/guitarist Peter Anspach thanked the sold-out crowd and noted that it was the most people they had ever played for. A 20-minute “726” would bring Night One to a close.

Saturday, July 10 saw Goose getting to it by easing into the funky into of “Jive II,” which featured a killer organ solo from Anspach during the jam. “Time To Flee” then headed into “Butter Rum,” which saw Ben Baruch of Goose’s management company, 11E1even Group, guesting on percussion. “Turned Clouds,” “Your Ocean” and “Arcadia” followed ahead “The Seekers On The Ridge” suite to close the set.

“Bingo Theme,” which the band developed for their 2020 livestreamed Bingo Tour kicked off the second set. The jam vehicle “Arrow” came next and surpassed the 20-minute mark and led into “Creatures.” The Ted Tapes 2021 instrumental “Moby” followed ahead of a cover of Jim James’ “State Of The Art” (A.E.I.O.U).” The staple “Hot Tea” would bring the second set to a close. Goose would wrap up their Sculpture Park run with an encore of The Band’s “Don’t Do It.”

Listen to both shows in their entirety below via Rob O’Brien and Coloartist:

July 9

July 9 Setlist

Set One: So Ready, Honeybee, Yeti, A Western Sun, In Your Eyes > Jam, Bob Don, Tumble

Set Two: Fish In the Sea, Into The Myst, Same Old Shenanigans, Elmeg The Wise, 726

July 10

July 10 Setlist

Set One: Jive II, Time To Flee > Butter Rum*, Turned Clouds, Your Ocean, Arcadia, Seekers on the Ridge (Parts 1 & 2)

Set Two: Bingo Theme, Arrow > Creatures > Moby, State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U), Hot Tea

Encore: Don’t Do It