Flymachine Launches Virtual Venue With Performances By Liz Cooper, Ben Folds, Hiss Golden Messenger & More

Flymachine Launches Virtual Venue With Performances By Liz Cooper, Ben Folds, Hiss Golden Messenger & More

Flymachine, the new virtual venue for live entertainment, will present performances by Liz Cooper, Ben Folds, Hiss Golden Messenger and many more. Flymachine gives fans a front row seat to some of the world’s most iconic venues from the comfort of home.

Flymachine events provide the chance to interact and have your own viewing experience, rather than passively watch a broadcast. For the first time, virtual events can become truly immersive and communal, shared with friends and other fans around the world. Flymachine creates a new, customizable experience in a digital world offering the thrill fans enjoy at live events.

“Flymachine has been built from such a deep understanding of music fans and how they might want to interact with live streaming moving forward,” said Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons. “The independent music community that I am so proud to be a part of has embraced it wholeheartedly and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Andrew and the team on this latest adventure.

Flymachine: The Digital Future Of Live Events

Flymachine was conceived by the founders of Ticketfly, Superfly, [namethemachine], and ATC Management. Flymachine established exclusive agreements with many highly respected and beloved music venues in North America to stream events in real-time. Among the partner venues includes Bowery Ballroom in New York City, Bimbo’s 365 Club in San Francisco, The Casbah in San Diego, The Crocodile in Seattle, Marathon Music Works in Nashville, the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver and Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles.

“In the early days of the pandemic, I found the explosion of virtual events fascinating – yet while there was something special about these events, the shared communal experience of going to a show was missing,” said Andrew Dreskin, co-founder and CEO. “In that moment, I realized the world wanted a new way to watch live events, pandemic or not, and that we could build a new kind of digital performance space – one with depth, that is immersive and interactive, where artists can make art, and fans can experience events with friends around the world.”

Flymachine offers fans an unprecedented level of agency, social connectivity, and personalization. Newcomers, old friends, and superfans alike can share interactive digital rooms and use proximity-based video-chatting to see and speak to each other throughout a show, comfortably. Similar to an IRL venue experience, there’s a real sense of place in Flymachine. Fans enjoy a view akin to a front row seat and can move between various rooms and spaces for chance encounters and shared moments with both new and familiar faces.

Likewise, artists relish a level of creative control of their performances that traditional livestreaming cannot provide. Performers can tap into arena-quality visual effects to design unique online experiences, receive feedback in real-time, and interact with fans – they control the entire canvas and are no longer relegated to a video box. The agency to choose one’s own adventure through the experience of live entertainment – on either side of the lens, for both artists and viewers – is a feature only possible through the virtual events created on Flymachine.

Upcoming Flymachine live events:

Liz Cooper - 6.24
Ben Folds - 6.29
Hiss Golden Messenger - 7.10
Aaron Frazer - 7.15
K.Flay - 7.25
The Black Angels - 7.27

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