Dead & Company Continues Fall Tour In Chula Vista: Setlist, Recap & The Skinny

Dead & Company Continues Fall Tour In Chula Vista: Setlist, Recap & The Skinny

Dead & Company continued their 2021 Fall Tour at North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, California on Wednesday. The sextet delivered a Tears For Fears tease in the first set and a well-jammed “St. Stephen” to open the second along with a beautiful one-song encore.

D&C kicked off the show with “The Music Never Stopped.” Guitarists Bob Weir and John Mayer shared vocals duties while Mayer would deliver some flighty riffage during the jam before heading back into the verse form with Bobby vamping on “never stopped” over the funky groove. Keyboardist Jeff Chimenti utilized the clavinet on a funky coda section that saw bassist Oteil Burbridge laying down some runs before hitting the bottom end as the band dropped into “Easy Answers.” Weir helmed the groovy tune which surpassed the 11-minute mark before the sextet reprised “The Music Never Stopped” to cap off the opening sequence.

Mayer then captained the reggae-tinged “Row Jimmy” before Bobby hit the descending line signaling the classic “Friend Of The Devil.” Oteil would link up with a similar cascading bassline over Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart’s shuffle. Weir and Mayer traded verses while Chimenti joined them on the chorus and also delivered a honky-tonk piano run. D&C then kicked things up a notch with “Cumberland Blues” which featured some great interplay between John and Jeff.

Next, Bobby led the band through “Cassidy,” which saw some lightning-quick soloing from Mayer who once again played off Chimenti. The latter introduced a tease of Tears For Fears’ “Head Over Heels” on piano with John picking up the melody. Dead & Company closed out the set with “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo” which featured more barroom piano from Chimenti and strong soloing from Mayer before the band headed into a joyous “lazy river” coda.

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The Setlist

The Venue

North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre [See upcoming shows]


2 shows
7/27/2016, 7/06/2018

The Music

7 songs

9 songs

16 songs
14 originals / 2 covers / 0 misc


5.5 [Gap chart]


I Need A Miracle

I Need A Miracle LTP 09/10/2021 (15 Show Gap)

St. Stephen 19:12

The Music Never Stopped 2:04

Aoxomoxoa – 1, Workingman’s Dead – 2, American Beauty – 1, Wake of the Flood – 2, Blues for Allah – 1, Shakedown Street – 2, In The Dark – 1

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D&C would keep up the jams for the second set delivering an expansive version of the classic “St. Stephen,” which clocked in at just over 19 minutes. Mayer leaned into the jam driven by toms from the Rhythm Devils and a walking bassline from Oteil. The sextet then locked into a funky groove with Bobby laying down some riffage along with Chimenti on some jazzy runs before John tore into things with wailing notes. D&C then segued into “The Eleven” via the “William Tell Bridge.” Bobby sang the delightfully psychedelic lyrics on “The Eleven” out of which emerged “He’s Gone.”

Mayer handled lead vocals on “He’s Gone” while Bobby would vamp on the coda. D&C then found their way into a chug-a-lug “New Speedway Boogie” sung by Weir. Next up came “Drums,” which saw Burbridge joining Mickey and Billy, who returned to the tour the show previous in Phoenix after missing the Colorado run with a non-COVID-19 related illness. Hart then worked The Beam with various implements including a bow and sprinkling something on it.

The rest of the band returned for some more” Space” before delivering the tour debut of “I Need A Miracle.” Next, Bobby presided over the stellar Reverend Gary Davis blues number “Death Don’t Have No Mercy,” featuring some more wailing notes from Mayer. D&C closed out the set with The Rascals’ “Good Lovin.” Dead & Company would return to encore with a gorgeous rendition of “Black Muddy River” sung by Mayer, who also delivered a sweet solo before the band took a final bow.

Dead & Company heads to Los Angeles for the first of three shows at Hollywood Bowl on Friday. Livestreams can be purchased via Watch pro-shot video featuring the start of last night’s sets below:

Set One

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