DC Fisher Releases New Album ‘Heavy Clouds’

Jersey Shore musician DC Fisher today released his new album, Heavy Clouds. Each song on the album features a heavy dose of funk and psychedelic rock.

When it came time to record a new album, DC didn’t write a note, practice scales or scribble down chord progressions in a notebook. He simply hit the record button and let the music happen.

“The idea is to just be the music,” DC said. “Let the music flow and try to capture it. For me, it’s just about following my bliss.”

The collection of songs on the album are in-the-pocket with a feel reminiscent of DC’s favorite artists like James Brown, The Wailers and contemporary bands like Phish and Khruangbin. The previously shared title track single has a groove that would be at home on a Wu-Tang album, with its dark bassline and wobbling vintage drum beat.

“The album title ‘Heavy Clouds’ is a turn of phrase that had been stuck in my head after witnessing an epic evening sky overhanging the river near my home,” adds DC. “The title track’s melody represents that phrase as does the album artwork.”

Visit DC Fisher’s website to purchase Heavy Clouds and other merch. Stream Heavy Clouds via Spotify and Apple Music. Watch the video for the the Heavy Clouds title track below:

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