Dave Grohl & Greg Kurstin Relaunch ‘Hanukkah Sessions’ With Lisa Loeb Cover

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and producer Greg Kurstin began the second annual installment of The Hanukkah Sessions by putting their own spin on Lisa Loeb’s “Stay (I Missed You).” The series in which the pair interprets songs by Jewish artists for each night of Hanukkah started last year with tracks by Bob Dylan, Peaches, Drake, Beastie Boys and more.

“Welcome back to the menorah, y’all,” started a note on Foo Fighters’ social media feeds. “Let’s kick it this year’s Hanukkah sessions with one of Dallas, Texas’s favorite Jewish daughters. So put on your coffee shop spectacles and your Betsey Johnson dress and HAVA listen to this…”

While Grohl and Kurstin start their take on Loeb’s 1994 ballad at a similar speed and fashion of the original, the duo soon give “Stay (I Missed You)” a death metal makeover. Check it out below: