Cory Wong Shares ‘Wong On Ice’ Musical & Athletic Performance Video

Cory Wong Shares ‘Wong On Ice’ Musical & Athletic Performance Video

Cory Wong premiered his Wong On Ice musical and athletic performance today. The video sees the Minnesota-raised guitarist and his band The Wong Notes performing a set and more on ice in full hockey gear.

Cory Wong’s band for Wong On Ice consisted of saxophonists Eddie Barbash and Kenni Holmen, baritone saxophonist Sam Greenfield, trombonist Michael Nelson, trumpeters Jon Lampley and Jay Webb, keyboardist Kevin Gastonguay, percussionist Nêgah Santos, bassist Sonny T, and drummer Petar Janjic. The music features Wong tunes like “Bluebird,” “Cosmic Sans,” “Team Sports” and “Brooklyn Bop” along with the new Wong-produced Vulfpeck song “Smokeshow.” The video also features Cory’s brother Andy Wong, who Cory has never scored a goal on, playing goalie in a shootout and other hockey fun.

Cory shared his thoughts about Wong On Ice in a press release:

I’m interested in the limitations of my focus and the musical excellence of my band. I run experiments seeing what kind of challenges we can give ourselves to perform well under any circumstance. Have you always wanted to see a band perform in hockey gear on a hockey rink? Probably not…but here we are. It turned out to be an incredible entertainment experience!

Watch Wong On Ice below:

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