Band Of Horses Release ‘In Need Of Repair’ Single

Band Of Horses Release ‘In Need Of Repair’ Single

Band of Horses unveiled “In Need Of Repair,” the second single from their upcoming Things Are Great studio album. The 10-track follow-up to 2016’s Why Are You OK is set for release via BMG on January 21.

Founder/frontman Ben Bridwell penned “In Need Of Repair.” The lyrics are said to “touch on the fracturing of relationships, the hypotheticals that come from those moments, and the honesty it takes to admit you need to fix what is intrinsically wrong,” as per a press release.

Things Are Great, the band’s sixth studio album, finds Bridwell joined in the current BOH lineup by bassist Matt Gentling, multi-instrumentalist Ryan Monroe, guitarist Ian MacDougall and drummer Creighton Barrett. Ben either produced or worked with collaborators including Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips) and Dave Sardy to co-produce the 10 songs featured on the LP.

Ben Bridwell discussed Things Are Great with journalist Jaan Uhelszki:

“This album tells a story of relationships. Personal relationships, my relationship. But I don’t want to single anyone out. It even shows the story of musical relationships changing. There are new relationships, like the one I have with [engineer] Wolfie [Zimmerman], who was my creative conscience at times.There’s also relationships that have endured as well as ones that are ending. That’s important. The ones with Matt or Ryan and Creighton. Or the people who come back in my life, like Dave Sardy, who mixed Infinite Arms, and mixed this album; and Jason Lytle, who produced Why Are You OK and is back again. There’s a lot of lasting relationships that I think tell a part of the story as well. But what this album really is, is the evolution of where the fuck we’re at at this point in our lives, personally and collectively, and it tells the stories hopefully from all sides, not just his or hers but the truth.”

Check out the lyric video for Band Of Horses’ “In Need Of Repair” below: