Andrew North & The Rangers Release Debut Album ‘Phosphorescent Snack’

New Hampshire-based jammers Andrew North & The Rangers today released their debut full-length LP, Phosphorescent Snack. The 12-song release showcases the band’s genre-bending style and whimsical sense of humor.

“This album has been a long time coming,” North stated. “I’m so excited about the music that we’ve been making together and I think our fans, old and new, are going to love it.”

Phosphorescent Snack is available now on all streaming outlets, and features Andrew North (keys and vocals), Dale Grant (drums and vocals), Chip Spangler (bass and vocals), and Rob O’Brien (brass). The record was mixed and mastered by Tank Studios in Burlington, Vermont.

Andrew North and the Rangers are small-town friends brought together by an adventurous approach to music. The quartet spans different ages, hometowns, and musical backgrounds, but they hit it off quickly at local open-mic nights. Over three years together they have honed their craft, drawing from the technical fireworks of classic rock, the spontaneity of jazz, the light-hearted fun of the jam scene, and even the intricate passages of classical composition.

The album captures the diversity of the band’s styles, from instrumental jazz (“Smoke and Mirrors”) to straight-ahead rock (“Electrostatic Chills”) and funky jams (“Chicken in the Backyard”). It’s off-beat but accessible and fun, and it’s clear that these are serious musicians that don’t take themselves too seriously.

“We made this on our own in a garage,” North said. “We are just having so much fun right now, and that really comes through in the tracks. I took a long time off from making music, and I never thought I would get a band this good together and put out an album like this. It’s just so awesome!”

Stream Andrew North & The Rangers’ debut album, Phosphorescent Snack, below:

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