Amos Lee Releases New Song ‘Worry No More’

Amos Lee shared a new song, “Worry No More.” The track marks the singer-songwriter’s first new original music since releasing his 2018 album, My New Moon.

Lee cut “Worry No More” with producer Christian “Leggy” Langdon (Meg Myers, Banks) in Los Angeles. The new song sees Amos reflecting on his mental health and feelings of not belonging. “For most of my life I’ve walked into rooms thinking, ‘I don’t belong here,’” Lee said in a press release.

“‘Worry No More,’ however, is the feeling of finding ‘beauty in the broken lines,’ pushing past the anxiety and isolation and despair to find one moment of peace,” the press release notes of the new song. “Though written before the pandemic, it’s a true modern day mantra for these challenging times.”

Amos himself went on to explain how “Worry No More” speaks to overcoming feelings of fear and worry in the vein of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” Read Lee’s words below:

It’s a moment of pause, of praising the extraordinarily ordinary. We may not have more than a moment, both metaphorically and in real time, but the door is open, there is a place to exist in the mind that isn’t purely controlled by fear. I have always loved the Bob Marley line “emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.” The song plays off of this idea. We can choose fear, worry, hatred, or-we can, at the very least, allow ourselves to let go and drift through the madness for a moment, like a ghost, or like a breath on the wings of a song.

Listen to Amos Lee’s “Worry No More” below: