Thurman Greco: Book Talk and Signing

Thurman Greco: Book Talk and Signing
Do you wonder what your body is trying to tell you? Are you looking to make some positive health changes this year? Discover how you can be the healthiest person possible. Drawing on experience gained from her career in the healing arts, Thurman Greco shares knowledge about wellness and how we define our spirituality in disease. Learn practical things you need to ease your symptoms and to promote healing. Join author, Thurman Greco, as she guides participants in understanding the core element of wellness, the 4 things necessary for good health. She will also be signing copies of her book, A Healer’s Handbook.
Thurman has been a bodyworker since 1981. She studied massage at the Potomac MyoTherapy Institute in the District of Columbia. She has been teaching reflexology since 1999; practicing and teaching nine different kinds of reiki therapy. She also teaches and practices companion animal massage therapy, animal communication, and reiki for animals. Thurman is based in Woodstock, NY
Venue: Tivoli Free Library
86 Broadway
Tivoli, NY 12583
Phone: (845) 757-3771