The Game of Business Storytelling

The Game of Business Storytelling

I’m Doug Motel, an award-winning storyteller, online marketing expert, and coach. I’ve been helping large corporations and small businesses to profit from the web for over twenty years. I have helped clients dramatically increase their visibility..

I will be holding a special seminar in Kingston NY, I will help businesses to access the essential “DNA” of their business story. In this session, you will clarify the core values that make your company unique and craft a tale not just about your business but also about your ideal customers so you can understand how they best HEAR your story.


All marketing is essentially just storytelling – you are spinning an engaging yarn about your business.

From social media posts and videos to press releases, your job as a marketer is to grab us, in the same way, that a “once upon a time..” grabbed us as children.

This seminar will send you away with new tools for successfully communicating your message.

HOW (Much)?

Venue: Residence Inn Marriott
800 Frank Sottile Boulevard
Kingston, NY 12401