MAD 3rd Annual Celebration of the Arts

MAD 3rd Annual Celebration of the Arts

Curated by accomplished composer and musician, Peter Wetzler, the Celebration of the Arts 2017 features the eclectic and unique talents of several local musicians, artists and dancers. “After the incredible electricity of last fall’s Celebration of the Arts, I’m honored to organize the 3rd annual concert here at Broadway Commons,” says Wetzler. “This year’s performers broadly capture the wealth of artistic talents of the growing number of artists who live and work within our vibrant Midtown Arts District.”

The Kingston Common Council recently designated the space where the Celebration of the Arts will be held as the “Deep Listening Plaza in Honor of Pauline Oliveros.” A plaque noting the designation will be provided by the Kingston Arts Commission.

Two works will premiere, both inspired by MAD’s internationally acclaimed pioneer of new music, Pauline Oliveros, who performed her final time in Kingston with Ione at last year’s event. Wetzler’s gamelan and accordion composition will be performed by Catskill Mountain Gamelan, and an opera piece from a new work by Ione with Lisa Barnard Kelley (based on a piece they were collaborating on with Pauline), will be presented.

The extraordinary lineup will also feature performances by the following artists:

Percussion Orchestra of Kingston (POOK)
Energy Dance Company
Eleni Reyes (singer)
Donny Mapes (singer)
Room Service (funk, R&B)
Sandrine (singer-songwriter)
Yungchen Lhamo (Tibetan singer)
Future350 NU Bossa (Stephen Johnson, Pablo Cruz, Ruperto Ifil, Malcolm Burn & Wetzler)
Rene Bailey (gospel singer)
Lone Pine All Stars (Eli Winograd, Juma Sultan, Colin Langenus & Anna Hafner)
Jerrice Baptiste (author, poet, host of “Women of Note”)