Elie Mabanza Music Master From Congo

Elie Mabanza Music Master From Congo

The Lodge is pleased to welcome master guitarist & singer/songwriter from Congo Elie Mabanza & Drew Pieros on percussion on Wednesday August 8th at 8pm. Please join us for an evening of world-class African music in Woodstock’s most intimate venue. Show starts at 8pm with a suggested donation at the door.

“Elie’s songs became politicized in war-torn Congo and in 2014 he was forced to flee for his life. He came to the United States as a political refugee and was granted asylum. Elie had been held in prison and tortured and were it not for a fortunate escape and the aid of his father, he would have been killed.

Elie’s “guitar gently weeps” while he paints pictures of both his pain and his joy with his beautiful, haunting voice. In his songs, he tells stories about his life in Africa. Most are sung in French, many in his native Congolese.

Elie says his goal is to bring music to the world, so people have a better understanding that “life is life and people are people everywhere, even in the midst of terrible suffering.” He is a survivor against all odds and feels deep gratitude for his life and his music. The beauty and depth of his musical gifts are truly irresistible to the ear and the heart. Elie currently resides in Santa Cruz, California.”

Venue: The Lodge
20 country club lane
woodstock, NY 12498