Be A DJ – Michael Dederick 9-9-21

Be A DJ – Michael Dederick 9-9-21
A Message from Michael:
“To all the WDST universe just wanted to say thank you for all that you are…with an add on of a big cup of awesomeness, sprinkled with fabulous and a dash of craziness and I’m proud to be a Woodstock supporter.
It has been said that music is the universal language of mankind and If you truly want to understand the universe think of frequency and vibration. That frequency is 100.1 and your music is the vibration. Thank you 🙏 for helping me and being a part of this journey through the DJ for a Day program.
Losing my only son to suicide 5 years ago hasn’t ever been easy and pain becomes part of the day. It doesn’t get easier it just gets different. So feeling and relating to music is extremely healing. So many times I relate more into the lyrics than I relate to my actual life. It’s been said that “music is life that’s why it’s called heart beat….”
Nothing you do after you lose a child is easy. All you ever want to do is hear your child’s name and never let their memory pass on by.
I believe that sometimes my son Nicholas is in the DJ booth with the DJ’s playing just the song I needed to hear at the very moment I need to here it; especially if you believe that there’s no such thing as coincidence.
The WDST family knowing it or not has helped me on this journey through their work to help me to understand I’m not alone and we are in this together through the power of community.
As I will continue to look for signs of my son beyond the veil I’m grateful that WDST has been at the forefront of advocating for strong community, wellbeing, and has tremendous vision of a world based on Happiness, Healthiness and Equality and of course great music, staying true to their namesake Woodstock Radio…
Thank you for helping me advocate and share my sons story and help spread his light.
Mental Health = Health
Be kind to your mind…
You are not alone….
You are not your thoughts…
You Matter…
Just F$&king STAY!!!
Again thank you for all WDST does to help make a difference in this crazy world and working towards being the change you wish the world to be.”
Spread Peace ☮️ ✌️Spread Love ❤️ Spread Light ✨