Health Alliance

It can be tough managing the onslaught of festive food favorites during the holidays, and for the 30 million Americans with diabetes, it can be especially challenging. Use these party strategies to keep your health on track:

Monitor your blood sugar daily and talk with your healthcare team to develop a plan to compensate for indulging.

At parties, don’t go straight to food and drinks. Instead, grab a glass of seltzer and focus on family and friends.

Fill half your plate with salads and nonstarchy vegetables, reserve one fourth of your plate for starchy foods and fill the remaining fourth with lean meat.

If you’re hosting, provide plenty of nonstarchy vegetable dishes. As a guest, offer to bring a dish that fits into your meal plan.

 Exercise daily. Physical activity helps lower blood sugar.

For more on managing diabetes, attend HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley’s monthly diabetes education seminar from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of the month. For details, call 845-334-4249, ext. 1.