HEAR WHAT’S NEW: Valerie June – Astral Plane

HEAR WHAT’S NEW: Valerie June – Astral Plane

History moves through all of our voices, in inflection, tone and vocabulary. Some people call this collective language “the spirit”; to others, it’s “the voice of the people.” Valerie June just calls it song: the ongoing record of human sorrow and delight that she shapes into tunes and verses that may start small, but open up to the centuries.

On her new album, The Order Of Time, June places these missives she “receives” within new settings. The country and blues inflections of her 2014 breakthrough album, Pushin’ Against A Stone, are still present, but more subtle, blending with jazz and ambient elements that help the songs become more conversational and more expansive.

Sharing “Astral Plane,” the first track from The Order Of Time, June engaged in an email conversation about how these sometimes old songs found new life in the recording process, what happened when she tried to write for Massive Attack, and how Norah Jones and her collaborator, keyboardist Pete Remm, helped make The Order of Time the beautiful channel it is. (Jones contributed her culinary skills, for one thing!)

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Ann Powers, NPR