UPS Store offering 3D Printing

UPS Store offering 3D Printing
 The UPS Store is the resource for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and now 3D printing enthusiasts. The Kingston location of The UPS Store has offered 3D printing services since 2014, and the range of products to print never ceases to amaze!What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is a manufacturing process that uses a digital file to create three dimensional objects one layer at a time. We run a system that uses ABS plastic and soluble supports to create realistic prototypes and marketing models.

Entrepreneurs Nick Brooks and Jeff Russell blended their passion for surf and film to invent the MyGo Mouth Mount, which allows surfers and action sports enthusiasts to capture video footage with a mouth mount designed for GoPro cameras. They prototyped their invention using 3D printing at The UPS Store. See the prototypes and final version at our Kingston location, and watch here:

The UPS Store is an independently and locally owned franchise of The UPS Store, Inc, a subsidiary of UPS. The UPS Store has been located in Kingston at Kings Mall since 2003. Visit us today at for more information on any of our services including digital and offset printing, copying, and fine art and antique shipping.

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