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HEAR WHAT’S NEW: Barns Courtney

HEAR WHAT’S NEW: Barns Courtney

‘Glitter and Gold’ is a distinctive new track by the remarkably talented singer/songwriter, Barns Courtney.

As the song launches into its opening lyrics; ‘I am flesh and I am bone// Rise up, ting ting, like glitter and gold’, and the heavy beat is introduced, it is clear that this is going to be a first-rate track. Barns boasts distinct, bluesy vocals throughout, and the whole song has a raw, powerful edge to it due to the steady rhythm and stimulating lyrics. ‘Glitter and Gold’ has an infectious blues rock vibe and is extremely catchy and memorable – although the track lasts around three minutes, it has the potential and makings to last much longer.

Barns has made his presence strongly felt with this track, and his talent is deservedly being recognised as he has toured with the likes of Blur, Ed Sheeran and The Libertines. Barns Courtney is an artist I am very glad I discovered and he is definitely one to keep an eye on judging by this excellent track.

Sarah Turner, The Indie-pendent