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HEAR WHAT’S NEW: Dawes – “When The Tequila Runs Out”

HEAR WHAT’S NEW: Dawes – “When The Tequila Runs Out”

It’s a new day, and California folk-rockers Dawes have a new album on the way. Taylor Goldsmith and company’s next record, the inspiringly titled We’re All Gonna Die, will be their fifth, following last year’s plaintive and powerful All Your Favorite Bands.

Along with the album’s announcement comes the official video for “When The Tequila Runs Out,” the album’s fuzzed-out, boozed-up lead single. The Kevin Hayes-directed visual captures a wild party in slow-motion, as if the camera itself tossed back one too many. The track itself sounds a little slicker than your average Dawes song, with heavy emphasis on its fun-loving hook: “When the tequila runs out, we’ll be drinking champagne.” Works for us.

We’re All Gonna Die was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Grammy-nominee Blake Mills, who was actually a member of an earlier iteration of the band alongside Goldsmith. The ten-track album includes contributions from Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe of Lucius, Mandy Moore (who appears in the “When The Tequila Runs Out” video) and Will Oldham.

“The record sounds so fresh—yet fills me with a strange nostalgia for things that haven’t happened yet,” James said in a press release. “I hear it at the beach and blasting out of car windows on future summer nights … easily having become a natural part of people’s lives.”

Goldsmith said of the album:

These songs were all written in a very short period of time, very close together. In that sense I feel like there was a consistency in mood and outlook our other records don’t have. Pretty much every song on this record explores a difficult situation and tries to find a way to find the good in it, or at least remind yourself that it’s not always that big of a deal. After all, as scary as it is, we are all gonna die.

We’re All Gonna Die is due out Sept. 16 via Dawes’ own HUB Records.

Scott Russell, Paste Magazine, 8/17/16